Real NFL and NCAA Spin from LA



By Jaboner Jackson 12 pm | Even though Jamarcus Russell has long been out of the national limelight, he remains a FOOTBALLPHDS favorite for Moving The Chains.  Of course, we are not talking about his passing.  Rather, we are remarking on his remarkable pendant.  There is no doubt that Russell had the best pendant out there.  In fact, we will be routinely scouring the NFL and entertainment world for a more superior pendant.  But really, how can you top a miniature, diamond-studded replica of yourself?  The only way you can possibly hope to down Russell is by sporting a platinum and ice FOOTBALLPHDS chain, which hopefully will be on the way once Rock Mayock pays off his bill with Benny the Jeweler for the many engagement rings for his ex-wives and gets around to ordering a set of chains and pendants for the PHDs.