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By Pac-12 Research Assistant Lina, from Indianapolis 11:50 p.m. | Hey guys, it’s Lina! I’m in Indy and it’s COLD! It’s all snowy and shit and the outside temps aren’t supposed to get out of the 40’s next week. Why does the NFL hold the Combine here? Don’t they know that us Vegas girls hate the cold? At least Lucas Oil Stadium is warm inside and the guys running through drills are pretty hot.

The past two days have been nothing but interviews and medical exams (BORING!). Today the rubber hit the asphalt because the Offensive Linemen, Tight Ends and “Specialists” hit the field. Per Rock’s direction I paid special attention to bench press and 40 time results. I wasn’t blown away by the bench press performances because nobody broke 40 reps of 225 lbs. In the group of Offensive Linemen, the BMOC was Ohio’s Eric Herman  and he only put it up 36 times. I’ve seen Cousin Felipe rep 225 more times than that. Sorry asses.

The most impressive part of today’s group was the 40 times. Can you believe the 5 O-Linemen had sub 5.00 40 times? I mean holy shit; Lane Johnson from Oklahoma is a freak of nature. Dude ran a 4.72 40. That’s insane for a 6-6 303 lbs. man. Not only that but the Tight Ends were FLYING down field. Chris Gragg from Arkansas blew away the field with a 4.5 40 time. Absolutely insane. Even those some of these guys are really fast and look good without pads, I’m all about how fast they play in pads during game situations. Everyone is big, fast and athletic. It’s how all of the pieces go together, at least that’s what Rock tells me.

This is why I loved what I saw from San Diego State’s Gavin Escobar. He had a respectable 4.84 40 time even though my watch had it closer to 4.80, but that is totally unofficial. Escobar is a huge 6-6 254 lbs. target with good hands. He’s a little light in the ass for his frame and isn’t a great run blocker but they said the same thing about The Gronk. The other Tight End that people were high on was Vance McDonald from Rice. McDonald turned in a solid 4.69 40 time, threw up 31 reps on the bench, and looked good in both the 3 cone drill and pass catching drills. I say he went to Rice for a reason but I’ve been wrong about shit before in the past.

So far Team Saban has dominated. Chance Warmack and Barrett Jones  are sure fire top 15 picks. Warmack wasn’t the fastest, strongest or flashy player but he made everything look easy. Running the 3 cone, 20 yard shuttle or 60 yard shuttle without breaking a sweat is the sign of a well conditioned bad ass.

Tomorrow should be more interesting than today because all of the offensive skill position players are going. That means the QBs, WRs, and RBs (DUH!). Matt Barkley isn’t going to throw so don’t shit yourselves if you miss the highlights Trojan fans. Don’t worry cuz I’ll summarize the day for everyone. Peace!



DSC_0173Lina S. is Rock Mayock’s Pac-12 Research Assistant. She as unfiltered as Lucky Strikes and she loves both 1990’s grunge music and the 49ers. In between smoke breaks and Nirvana acoustical jam sessions she breaks down Pac-12 teams like it’s nobody’s business. The only thing meaner than her gridiron analysis is her right hook, so don’t try anything funny. You can reach Lina by e-mailing her at

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