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Racer XBy Rock Mayock 11:00 a.m. | Great news brew lovers. October marks the release of one of the FOOTBALLPHDS’ favorite seasonal brews, Racer X Double IPA. As the big brother of the previously reviewed Racer 5 IPA, the Racer X is yet another wonderful brew from our friends at Bear Republic.

As a double IPA this brew pours a dark orangey brown with a nice frothy head. You’ll immediately pick up on huge hop and citrus (I detected a lot of grapefruit and orange) aroma from the double dose of hops. The mouth feel of the brew is slightly thick, sweet and sticky however it does not cling to the palate. The malt from the hops is quite pronounced with a nice bitterness from the pine flavors.

Here are the stats on Racer X:

ABV: 8.3%

IBU: 100

Availability: Winter, 22 ounce bottles

Best Enjoyed: As soon as you buy it, preferably between 45-50 degrees

Best Paired With: Steak, pork, chicken and BOING!

Due to the fact Racer X is a limited release I strongly recommend that you hit your local premium liquor store and buy some while you can. Also remember this is a LIVE brew. Therefore you must get the brew from the store and into your refrigerator without delay. Any unnecessary warming of the brew will destroy that delicious live yeast that is working its magic within the bottle. Also remember that you can use that yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle to start your own home brew batch of Racer X.

Overall Grade: A  Do yourself a favor and try some, you won’t be disappointed. Racer X is available in limited release at premium beer and spirits establishments. As always my recommendation is to make nice with the purveyor of your local premium liquor store to assure he/she will set a bottle aside for you.



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  1. Racer X is worth the wait. It is also one of my favorite seasonal brews.

  2. I’m down in the Seal Beach/Huntington Beach area. Does anyone know where can I find this beer? Is it too late? Help.

    • Stearns Liquor is in your area. Excellent selection and reasonable prices. The GEDs are also correct that California Heights MarKet has a good selection. Pricey but good. Another good choice is Whole Foods down by Belmont Shores. Parking there is a bitch though.

  3. To add on to Bob’s comment. Racer X is done for the year. Stearns Liquor gets a lot a word of mouth but nobody really shops there. Your best bet will be Total Wine in Huntington Beach.

  4. Thanks for the info. I’ll try Stearns and report back.

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