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Rams Proposal to EJD-page-028By Jaboner Jackson 8 a.m. | Part 1 of 2 | Yesterday, the St. Louis Rams' counteroffer to the St. Louis Convention Center and Visitors Commission (CVC) for renovations to Edward Jones Dome (EJD) were released by the Missouri Attorney General's office. Although terms were supposed to remain confidential per the Rams' lease agreement, media outlets had petitioned the Attorney General to make public the Rams counterproposal, which Attorney General Chris Koster did on Monday per Missouri's "Sunshine Law." Overall, the Rams have proposed renovations to EJD that the CVC estimates would cost $700 million. This is in comparison to the CVC's own proposal in February for $124 million in renovations, a topic that we reviewed in depth this spring here and here.

Timeline for Agreement

The CVC has until June 1, 2012 to react to the Rams' $700 million proposal, which they will do by rejecting it upon the recommendation of Mayor Francis Slay. Thereafter, the Rams and CVC will enter arbitration by June 15, 2012, a process that will in turn take several months to resolve.

Rams' Proposal

The Rams have proposed renovations to the CVC for EJD that include the following:

1. The upper bowl North, West, and South seating will be retained. The remainder of the seating will be renovated. Seating will be 66,000, expandable to 72,000 for Super Bowl events.

2. The stadium will have access to natural light through an operable roof panel.

3. General seating will have 19-inch seat widths.

4. Club seating will have 21-inch seat widths.

5. The field/floor will accommodate conventions, basketball, and other events.

6. The public concourse concessions ratio shall be 1:200 maximum and the club lounge concessions ratio shall be 1:100 maximum.

7. Two merchandise stands on the main concourse, four stands on the upper concourse, two stands in each club lounge shall grace EJD.

8. Club and suite seating shall have access to natural daylight, upscale fixed bars, lounge seating, Wi-Fi, HDTVs, and scoreboards.

9. Two corner video boards each 37 by 97 feet shall be in EJD. One continuous ribbon board that is 3 feet high shall circle the stadium.

10. Wi-Fi will be in public areas and cell phone signal boosters shall be in high density and enclosed spaces.

In total, the Rams have made renovation demands relating to Facility Seating, Patron Amenities and Support, NFL and Multipurpose Facilities, Convention Facilities, Food Service, Facilities Operations, Media/Electronic System Upgrades, Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades, HVAC, Plumbing, and Other Utilities.

Photos of the Rams' proposed renovations can be found in the gallery below.



Later this week, we will examine the financial implications of the Rams' proposal for EJD and explain why despite the discrepancy in renovation plans between the Rams and CVC, the Rams remain a secondary player for relocation to Los Angeles behind the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders—at this time.

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  2. No way STL can manage $700 million. That’s practically a new stadium. The mayor put this out there because they know there’s no way they can afford this. Stan needs to either suck it up and go with less expensive renovations if he wants to stay in STL. Otherwise, he needs to bring the team to Farmers for a new stadium.

  3. Food for thought. $700 million in Missouri is the equivalent of $1.01 billion in LA.

  4. the beginning of the end for ST Louis Rams !!!!

  5. Minnesota ponied up. Your turn, St. Louis, to be next in the sucka line.

  6. I’m completely suspect that once it’s goes to arbitration the Rams organization and the City of St. Louis will be in the middle. I suspect a $500 million renovation, the Rams can supply $200 million with a G4 loan and then have the Rams contribute the extra $64 million the City originally had the Rams paying then the City will cover the rest. I don’t think the Rams will leave, Kronke can always sell to Checkette’s ownership group if he doesn’t want to stay in St. Louis.

    I still suspect that the Chargers & Raiders will move to Farmers Field with the Chargers as the anchor-tenant along with moving to the NFC West with the Raiders as the co-tenant and the Seahawks moving back to the AFC West. I’ve been convinced for sometime now that the Chargers & Raiders will work together, Plan B for the Raiders has to be the co-tenant for the Santa Clara Football Stadium.

    The Spanos Family may be able to get a new downtown stadium in San Diego fairly soon if they play the political cards right. The Spanos Family doesn’t want to look like a bunch of greedy morons after what happened with Junior Seau and now the community coming together to celebrate such a great man, I don’t think the NFL want egg on their faces over that one.

    I’m just waiting for the PHDs to soon change their stance and move the Raiders to the top of the stack rankings for Farmers Field of Ed Roski’s LA Stadium.

    • I absolutely agree with @NFL in LA that no one can take the Rams/CVC situation as being finished. The logic says meet in the middle. If St. Louis meets in the middle, gets the stadium upgraded, there’s no need for the Rams to leave. They’ll have pretty much their own stadium. What people don’t talk about is that whatever teams moves to LA will have to share the stadium with a 2nd team probably at some point down the road. Maybe not, but possibly yes. Versus St. Louis there’ll always only be one team.

      • Logic says meet in the middle? The Rams lease with the CVC specifically stipulates the stadium must be in the top tier of NFL stadiums or they can leave after 2014. Currently, all top 10 NFL stadiums are around billion dollar facilities. There is no way The EJD which is currently one of the league’s worst stadiums moves up into that category with only $500 million in renovations. The Bears recently renovated their stadium to top tier status and it cost them $714 million. Also, the Rams are not required to pay a dime towards any stadium upgrades to the Dome. Given the fact the Rams are currently ranked 30th in revenue playing in the St. Louis market, why would they? The team would more than double in value with a move to LA. And you do realize the CVC has stated ANY new taxes for the Rams must go before voters right? Sorry, but I can’t see St. Louis voters shelling out nearly half a billion dollars for the city’s third most popular team.

      Check out the last paragraph, the Raiders are not going with AEG.

      I have a sense that Ed Roski’s plan was done up until Al Davis died last year and estate planning issues forced his son’s hand.

  7. News on the arbtiration process between the Rams and CVC have been conspicuously quiet. With the two roughly $600 million apart its unlikely they will settle through arbitration because St Louis is too cash strapped to make the obligation to finance that kind of debt. Remember they also just built New Busch Stadium. Table is being set for the Rams to come back to LA via Grand Crossing or FF. Personally I think FF has the inside track because of Kroenke’s previous relationship with AEG. The question is whether or not he will give AEG a portion of ownership.

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