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tim tebow and taylor swiftBy Jessica C., Research Assistant 2 a.m. | Finally, something interesting happened this football offseason.  Tim Tebow had dinner with Taylor Swift this week in Los Angeles.  Personally, I find this much more interesting than the Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush love affair.  They weren’t on a date but they did hang out.  Tim even escorted Taylor out at the end of the night to the valet.  Tim is a classy guy, Taylor is a glassy girl.  Kim and Reggie could learn a thing or two from them.  Plus, Tim and Taylor have talent.  Reggie just has a big ego and Kim just has a big ass.  Even though hanging out doesn’t always lead to something romantic, a lot of the time it does.  If I were Taylor, I would make a move. 

I have one more bit of news that is getting Rock Mayock all excited in the offices: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife Maria Shriver are hanging out again too.  They went couch shopping the other day.  Personally, Arnold is pretty much a pig for cheating on Maria but if he wants to win her back, he deserves a chance since they spent an entire life together.  And the best way to win a woman back is by getting a red couch.  It shows passion.  Pop in a DVD of The Descent, cuddle on the couch during the scary parts, and Maria will be all yours again, Arnold.  Just don’t mess it up again by sleeping with another housekeeper.


Jessica C., Research Assistant

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  1. Arnold and Maria back together? I can think of a couple hundred million reasons why.

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