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By Jaboner Jackson 11 pm | Earlier today, Mark Fabiani, who is the Special Counsel to the President of the San Diego Chargers, refuted our Final Stack Rankings of Teams Headed To Farmers Field.  On Monday, we stated that AEG was going to buy close to 100% of the Chargers.  Although we continue to believe that our analysis is sound and stand by our post, Mr. Fabiani assured me via email today that the Spanos family will never sell a majority or controlling interest in the Chargers.  Specifically, Mr. Fabiani said:

“Dear Mr. Jackson, I just read your blog post.  The Spanos family is never going to sell a majority interest or controlling interest in the team – to anyone.”

Our Final Stack Rankings also made its way into the San Diego Union Tribune via Matthew T. Hall today.  We think Mr. Hall is amongst the best in the business and we’ve noted as much on this site.  We find it interesting that Mr. Fabiani responded so quickly to Mr. Hall, although we will leave the speculation to our Wonderful Readers.

A Los Angeles-based website that often weighs in on the possibility of the National Football League's return to L.A. generated some traffic — and a quick denial from the team — after saying the Spanos family would sell the Chargers at the end of this season and the Bolts would relocate to L.A. under new ownership.

"Never gonna happen," Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani wrote in an email Tuesday afternoon.

Fabiani's response came less than one minute after I emailed him, asking: "Can I get a reaction from you? Can you rule out the possibility? Or say if this something Dean Spanos and his family members might consider, selling the team so another owner could move it to L.A.?"

Dennis Romero of the LA Weekly, who has done a wonderful job breaking down the tribulations of the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission, picked up the story as well.

The Mission Valley News was more skeptical with their take on our story but we always welcome discussion.  It doesn’t change our Stack Rankings.

One day after we reported that USC was primed to take over operational control of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, ESPN reported the same.  ESPN is late to the party but at least they recognized the wisdom of the FOOTBALLPHDS.

Bottom line for our Wonderful Readers: We believe that we nailed our Stack Rankings.  Our research and analysis lead us to the same conclusion today as it did on Monday—the Chargers will be the anchor tenant for Farmers Field.  Welcome to Los Angeles, Antonio Gates.  Come 2012, our AFC West Research Assistant, Jessica C., will be very happy.


Tomorrow, I take a look at the Environmental Impact Review (EIR) for Farmers Field.  Since we believe that AEG has landed the Chargers as their anchor tenant, the EIR remains the only obstacle to breaking ground on Farmers Field by summer 2012.

If you missed what all the commotion was about this week, catch up on our Stack Ranking here and our NFL in LA Primer here.

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  1. If for some reason USC does not get to manage the Coliseum what is the chance of them playing at Farmers Field on Saturdays?

  2. It looks like ESPN’s story was posted the same day as yours. There’s also a big difference between rehashing old stories and simply coming to a conclusion compared to doing original reporting and having coliseum commission members give an exact timetable for the change.

  3. Have USC play wherever they wanna it’s still sanctions for cheating.

  4. WTF are all these people doing on the blog, whatever give me my prizes bitches I wont the Stache contest and you bastards know it, where’s my t shirts!

  5. The refusal makes me think there might be something here. Why the quick response?

  6. Perhaps if you tell us more then “your analysis shows” (maybe what your analysis involved, what basis you use for such ridiculous claims, etc.) or anything other then you have a hot chick in a chargers jersey who would rather they be in LA, it might be more convincing. So as a san diegan, i will be clear about this – “My analysis shows that some dude named “Jabloner” is likely not the best source for inside NFL business information”. Despite your upcoming refutations, I stand by my analysis

  7. Stay in SD Chargers and bring the Raiders back home and put a Raiders jersey on your research assistant.

    2-0 against the Chargers last year. Same thing will happen this year, no matter where the Dolts are playing.

  8. I predict Terrelle Pryor will go in the 3rd or 4th round of the supplemental draft.

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