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What team is Coming to Farmers Field and Los AngelesBy Jaboner Jackson 6:45 pm | Today we Stack Rank the teams headed to Farmers Field in downtown Los Angeles for the final time.  We put in hard work this weekend figuring out the logistics for the return of the NFL to Los Angeles and anticipate that these will be the Final Stack Rankings.  We reviewed spreadsheets and news reports, texted like giddy teenagers, threw back drinks with one too many investment bankers at the JW Marriott one too many times, and even befriended custodians in not so high places.  We now believe that we have a firm grip on what team will be coming to Los Angeles.  The FOOTBALLPHDS welcome the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles as the anchor tenant of Farmers Field. 

(Note from our Overpaid Attorneys: The Final Stack Rankings are based on analyses by the FOOTBALLPHDS and they have not confirmed this information directly with AEG or the teams listed below.)

1. San Diego Chargers

We have every reason to believe that the San Diego Chargers will be the new tenant of Farmers Field.  AEG will announce the transaction at the completion of the 2011-12 NFL season.  We believe that AEG is in negotiations to buy close to 100% of the Chargers from the Spanos Family at a valuation of between $800-900 million.  Contrary to language contained in the Memorandum of Understanding, we do not believe that AEG is seeking only a minority position.  Rather, AEG is looking for majority control of a team.

Per NFL bylaws 3.2, AEG technically will not be the owner of the Chargers.  Rather, Philip Anschutz will form a separate “Football Company” to purchase close to 100% of the Chargers.  Since NFL bylaws dictate that only individuals can own shares in the “Football Company,” AEG will not actually be a shareholder.  Rather, Anschutz will be the shareholder.

We believe that Anschutz will subsequently syndicate out a minority interest in the Chargers and that Casey Wasserman is likely to be part of this syndicate.  Like many owners of NFL teams before them, the Spanos family will no longer be involved in professional football.

Upon completion of the transaction to purchase close to 100% of the Chargers from the Spanos family, Anschutz and AEG will execute the early termination clause contained in the Chargers’ lease with the City of San Diego and Qualcomm Stadium.  The early termination fee will be approximately $24 million, which will go to the City and not to the Spanos family.

We believe that AEG will strike a deal to have the Chargers play in the Los Angeles Coliseum for the 2012 NFL season.  The Chargers will play at the Coliseum until Farmers Field is completed in 2016.  We believe that AEG will follow up on its public comments last week to the LA Times and will push for action at the State level to uproot the Coliseum Commission and place control of the Coliseum in the hands of the University of Southern California and AEG.  (We will review the Coliseum Commission tomorrow.)

At this time, it is unclear if the Chargers will keep the name “Chargers” or re-brand themselves.

2. Everyone else: St. Louis Rams

After the Chargers, everyone else is a bridesmaid.  The Rams have an out in their lease at Edward Jones for 2014 and could be the second tenant for Farmers Field but we do not believe that they will not be the anchor tenant.

Nonetheless, the Rams are the early favorite for being the second tenant.  As we have previously discussed on this site, Stan Kroenke and AEG have a longstanding history of working together and the NFL would like to place two teams in the nation’s second largest media market.

3. Everyone else: Buffalo Bills

AEG continues to have discussions with the other “belles at the ball” for Farmers Field in the case that a Act of God (or Dementia) derails the Chargers transaction.  AEG continues to talk to the Bills although we believe that a transaction remains unlikely.  Owner Ralph Wilson has been listening to AEG’s offer to buy out the team but has not acted on it, preferring to stick to his original plan of having the team sold upon his death.  But Wilson is listening.

4. Everyone else: San Francisco 49ers

Several times we have speculated that the Yorks are having difficulty financing a new NFL stadium.  After our analyses this weekend, we continue to believe that this is the case.  The Santa Clara project has made progress at the legislative level but faces difficulty at the financing level, both via the municipality and Yorks.  The Yorks supposedly lack the deep pockets needed to finance the stadium and are relying on the NFL to step in.  The 49ers are another of the “belles at the ball” in the event that the Chargers transaction gets derailed.  We believe that the Yorks will eventually sell the 49ers.

5. Everyone Else: Oakland Raiders

At this point, Mark Davis, who is the son of Al Davis, is leading the charge for a new stadium.  The Davis family remains committed to the idea of a new stadium in Oakland, even if we remain skeptical of a new Oakland stadium.  Of note, AEG is expected to bid this fall on the management contract for Coliseum.  Interestingly, Al Davis is on the record as having said, “As LA knows, if they can get a stadium, they can knock on the door.”  But it takes more than a knock to get a transaction done.  We believe that the Raiders are unlikely to be the anchor tenant for Farmers Field since the Davis family is unwilling to cede majority control.

Who Did Not Make The List

Jacksonville Jaguars

AEG remains interested in the Jaguars as another of the “belles at the ball” but the legal situation surrounding the breaking of the lease with EverBank Field remains muddy.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings were the popular choice in the mainstream media for being the anchor tenant for Farmers Field but we have never heard this to be the case.  The Vikings are poised to get a stadium done in Ramsey County.  We believe that AEG is leading the charge to manage the new stadium.


If you missed our NFL in LA Primer yesterday, you can catch it here.  Tomorrow, I look at the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission.

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  1. I call BS. If the Chargers come to LA and the Raiders dont and they play in the Coliseum the old home of the Silver and Black I will consider the NFL a traitor again and I will purposefully not watch any game unless it is a Raiders game and that includes the Superbowl.

    Raider Nation.

  2. You guys seem confident but I have my concerns about the Tim Leiweke and Mark Fabiani posturing in the media recently. If you think this is all planned then these guys much have absolutely no ego because they are each pretty much disparaging the other.

    Having said that I have always said the Chargers make the most sense to move to LA. The Raiders are too polarizing and the Rams can’t get out of their lease until 2014 at the earliest. So if AEG wants to move forward, they should buy the Bills who have no lease anymore or break the Chargers lease with their early termination fee.

    1. Chargers
    2. Bills
    3. Rams but as the 2nd team

    I don’t see how the Niners would ever leave the bay. Niners literally only has meaning as a team name in the bay.

    • Fabiani’s posturing is directed at potential SD Charger ticket purchasers. Most SD chargers fans (at least those who comment at the UT site) think SD still has a chance to keep the team. The Titans’ year in Memphis was a disaster, revenue-wise and I assume part of Fabiani’s mandate is to placate SD fans (i.e. play them for chumps).

  3. The Raiders should not have even gotten a mention. Tim Leiweke publicly stated AEG will not bring the Raiders here, it’s on youtube. (Search “Tim Leiweke SOHA”, he makes the comment around 42:30) Jan Perry also ruled them out-by name- on a KCET interview back in January during the Farmers Insurance naming rights announcement.
    So either Leiweke screwed up bad by eliminating a nice piece of leverage over Spanos (moving their arch rivals just 100 miles away) or the Chargers are in the bag. I am inclined to believe the phds.

  4. They better change the team name because Chargers don’t sound sexy at all!

  5. The only stack ranking I want today is of Raiderettes, seriously did you guys see those gals on TV yesterday? Don’t tell my wife but it was boing!

    • all I’m going to say is you better hope chargers don’t come to l.a., cause if you thought jamarcus russell was a bust, that wasnt nothing compare to the flop chargers are going to make in los angeles, and I’m going to be laughing my ass off. One thing the other teams won’t be blacked out, lmao

  6. Did you miss this article ??? Pretty hard to negotiate a mega deal like this when neither side has talked to one another in a “while” .

    As for the prospects of the Chargers actually leaving San Diego for Los Angeles?

    “We haven’t talked to the Chargers in a while,” Leiweke told the LA Times.

  7. Is there some reason why there’s no advertising on this site????

  8. Mark Fabiani on @footballphds speculation Spanoses sell entire #Chargers stake: “Never gonna happen.”

  9. pppppzzzzzzzzzzz shitty website

  10. Dean Spanos is going to sell 35% of the team which are his shares
    in the Chargers. Especially when the Bush tax cuts expire in 2012. Rose Bowl renovations will be done in 2013 and the Chargers will have an easier time breaking the lease at a much cheaper price for the 2013 season.

    I think Kronke who is the head of the NFL to LA relocation committee will be the 2nd tenant for Farmers Field because of his relationships to AEG and the increased value in the franchise returning to Los Angeles and they can play for one year at the Rose Bowl or Coliseium by thT time until Farmers Field is ready for the 2016 NFL season.

    Also, I just can’t see the 49ers getting Santa Clara Stadium done without the Raiders getting involved and helping the team as a co-tenant. The NFL will push for it. The only way an LA team gets rebranded if it’s the Bills, Jaguars or Vikings moving to LA.

    I believe Minnesota will get the stadium deal in Arden Hills while Buffalo and Jacksonville if they relocate will be to Niagara Falls, NY or Toronto, Canada and Orlando, FL or London, England by 2020. The NFL knows the days of subsidized new stadia’s is on life support so they have to squeeze out every last possibility before they can only go the renovation route ala the Kansas City Chiefs as the last viable options.

  11. Are you an idiot? Before you spew unfactual data you should do a little more research. The Chargers are not moving to LA anytime in the future. The Spanos family will not give up majority ownership…Period
    This has been as consistant as are our taxes for the past several years.

    • And it looks like Fabiani now has said as much as well. No majority control to another person, it’s staying in the Spanos family, he says.

  12. To King Henry:

    This is true but Dean Spanos is going to sell 35% of his stake in the Chargers while the family remains with a controlling interest in the team. The only reason he held back from doing it earlier was the fact the Bush tax-cuts were extended until 2012 by the Obama administration. It’s going to be up to the NFL to see if they want the cramped and poorly designed Farmers Field or City of Industry Stadium. At the end of the day, Farmers Field is just a really bad deal for fans, the team and tax-payers while it’s perfect for AEG who at the end of the day are doing this so they can get operating control of the Convention Center.

    • 35% seems like a lotta work for AEG just for one team so yes I think you’re right they wanna pretty much own downtown and control the conventions and all the events as well. Now, don’t get me wrong the X games this year was great at L.A. Live but not if every weekend is going to another AEG event and the streets are always closed and filled with out of towners.

  13. Finally, someone else gets it! The Yorks’ Santa Clara stadium efforts will fail, and they will either be forced to move the team to LA or sell the team someone who will move it to LA.

    Relax Charger fans, Raider fans, Bills fans, etc. Here come your five-time champion Los Angeles 49ers!

  14. Los Angeles 49ers just doesn’t sound right. Maybe the 49ers come to Los Angeles but with a different name. One AFC and one NFC team means Chargers and 49ers.

    The funny thing is all this stuff they wrote is coming true lol maybe they’re not delusional idiots after all. Maybe their so called “source” or janitor was right lol.


  16. “At this time, it is unclear if the Chargers will keep the name “Chargers” or re-brand themselves.” Why would they rebrand themselves and TOTALLY alienate San Diego? This is the first I’ve heard of THAT! Wouldn’t Los Angeles be close enough to San Diego that there would be some chance that the Chargers could preserve SOME of the existing fan base? Why on EARTH would they jeopardize that by rebranding themselves?

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