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By Jaboner Jackson at 2 pm | We caught up with our resident medical expert, Hassan A. Riaz, MD, MBA, to review Peyton Manning's neck injury and recent surgeries.  As always, Dr. Riaz is not treating Peyton Manning and his analysis is based on publicly available information.

Why did Manning have neck surgery this offseason?

From what Peyton Manning has publicly said, it seems if he has degeneration of his cervical spine.  He likely had a procedure this offseason to relieve the pressure on a bulging disc.  This would be his second such surgery if that were the case.

What are the symptoms of a bulging disc?

The most concerning symptoms are pain, tingling, and numbness in the arms and hands.  The nerve fibers from the discs in the neck travel to the arms and are responsible for all motor function and sensation.  When patients have these symptoms, surgery becomes an option.

Should the Colts be concerned about this injury?

Yes, they should.  Due to the NFL Lockout, Manning had to undergo surgery and rehabilitation away from the auspices of the Colts, so it is hard for them to know how symptomatic he currently is.  If Manning had loss of muscle strength in the arms because of the neck injuries, I would be very concerned.  I would be hesitant to sign Manning to a lucrative long-term deal.

Thanks, Doc.  What's your favorite team, by the way?

Definitely my niece's karate team.  They are 7 year-old terrors.


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  1. I have a bulging disc in my pants

  2. I have a bulging disc in Jose’s pants too.

  3. It is dangerous to have this kind of injury in this kind of physical sports.

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