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amy trask raiders do not ratify cbaBy Jaboner Jackson 1030 pm | The real news regarding the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that filtered its way through the NFL owners meeting today was not that it was ratified but rather that the Oakland Raiders abstained from voting on it.  Amy Trask, CEO of the Raiders and clearly the closest individual to Al Davis in the organization, stated that the franchise had “profound philosophical differences” and that the issues were both “football and economic in nature.”  Trask also stated that the Raiders did not abstain for any issues related to stadiums.

But the FOOTBALLPHDS wonder if there could be any issue other than the stadium issue.  Despite public comments this week by Amy Trask that the Raiders have engaged in discussions with the San Francisco 49ers about a shared stadium in the Bay Area, the Raiders have also been adamant that a stadium at the current site of the O.Co Coliseum in Oakland is the best solution for the Raiders.  (It is also worth noting that the Raiders also abstained on voting in Roger Goodell as commissioner a few years back.  Al Davis is a football man through and through while Goodell is an attorney through and through.)

We believe that the ratified CBA just made it more difficult for the Oakland Raiders to move back to Los Angeles and inhabit Farmers Field because of its emphasis on a shared stadium.  Such an element would certainly equate to “profound philosophical differences.” 

It would also pave the way for the St Louis Rams to catapult to the top of Stack Ranking for teams possibly headed to Farmers Field, which we will explore early next week.


Even though the NFL has ratified a new CBA, the players have not.  You can catch up on what the NFL thinks here.

It seems a sticking point for the new CBA was language that may be an “incomplete deal.”  Certain elements may not be completely negotiated in the proposed 10-year deal.  Profootballtalk has a roundup here

And we will delve into the CBA and what it means for stadiums once the actual thing gets done, which will not be until next week at the earliest.  Don’t believe the hype that this thing is settled.

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  1. Shared stadium will be the best way to make it happen for Raiders but really why share with the 49ers? I’d rather share stick around Oakland Coliseum than share with pansy 49ers fans.

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