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DSC_0281Photos by “Stanton” Jack—Posted by Felipe Trinidad aka Cousin Felipe | The FOOTBALLPHDS’ team photographer, “Stanton” Jack, was at Anaheim Kush Expo 2011 over the weekend to support our medicinally inclined readers, including long time reader alexganga who had a booth out there and won a Name The Stache. Fun was had by all (or at least by “Stanton” Jack, since the PHDs keep me locked up in my room in Vegas.)  Much love to the Wonderful Kushers.  Legend has it that the Raider car belongs to Raider Bill but we cannot be sure.  You can email “Stanton” Jack at for additional pics he may have taken of you...he is more than happy to oblige.

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  1. How do you that word, some say it is called Boing!

  2. I just boinged prematurely

  3. Mad love Stanton for posting my pic call me cutie!

  4. Was my husband there

  5. Ha ha nice pix of me w da gurls ha dont show my bf!

  6. The girl in pink panty is BOING!!

    • More pics of her please rumor has it she is jaboner jacksons main squeeze i think i saw her at the Britney Spears concert

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